Diesel Generators

750 kVA : KTA 38G10

Ready to use, silent, compact and light weight


Reliable Technology And Unmatched Performance

  • The Cummins® K38 series heavy-duty engine and world class Stamford alternator powered diesel generator set
  • Proven technology with mechanical simplicity of Cummins PT fuel system.
  • Exhaust after-treatment, 2P2L cooling system and in-cylinder solution to meet latest emission norms
  • Smart aesthetic and superior finish
  • Compact in size with optimum power to weight ratio

Environment friendly power

  • Class defining technology engine is designed to meet stringent exhaust emission tests as per revised MoEF norms, thus offering environment friendly power.
  • The Cummins® diesel generator sets are available with the lowest noise levels in its range

Lowest Operating Cost And Comprehensive Warranty

  • Highly reliable and durable product
  • All elements are designed to work together to maximize efficiency even at part loads, offering the advantage of lowest operating costs.
  • 300 Hours/ 1 year service interval
  • ƒƒIndustry acknowledged best-in-class comprehensive warranty on the entire package including rubber components

Single Source Power Assurance

  • ƒAll the major components – the engine, alternator, control system and canopy are designed, manufactured and tested by Cummins India.
  • ƒƒBest and largest customer support network in India, capable of providing round-the-clock service and spares support
  • ƒƒAll these things put together, Cummins® offers you SINGLE SOURCE POWER ASSURANCE


  • ƒCummins K38 series, 12 cylinder, Vee, 4 stroke, radiator cooled engine
  • Highly stable and reliable design with square engine
  • ƒƒWell designed air handling system with
    • Dry type, Heavy duty, Replaceable paper element air cleaner with restriction indicator
    • Outboard aftercooling with 2 pump 2 loop system
    • Optimised turbocharger for increased altitude capabilities
  • Best in class fuel economy with
    • PT fuel system with Electronic Step Timing Control (ESTC) injectors which smoothly stabilise engine speed under load with A1 class electronic governing
    • Dual fuel filter system: Pre filter including water separator and Water In Fuel (WIF) sensor and main filter
  • ƒƒStandard integral set-mounted radiator system, designed and tested for 50°C ambient temperatures
  • Full flow spin on lube oil filter
  • Plate type lube oil cooler
  • ƒƒFirst fill of lube oil and coolant
  • ƒƒElectrical starter motor with soft start engagement feature
  • ƒƒBattery charging alternator
  • ƒƒ2 X 12 V DC battery




  • Stamford HC alternator frames from Cummins Generator Technologies
  • ƒƒBrushless type, Screen protected, Revolving field, Self excited alternator conforming to IS/IEC 60034-1
  • ƒƒ3 Phase reconnectable winding with 12 terminals brought out for connection
  • ƒƒBetter motor starting capability
  • ƒƒBest in class efficiency
  • ƒƒCompact design with sealed bearings for longer life and lesser maintenance
  • ƒƒImpregnation on all wound components for better mechanical strength

Control Panel

Control panel is manufactured with 14/16 gauge CRCA sheet and is powder coated for weather-proof and long lasting finish.
The control panel consists of the following parts:

  • PowerCommand 3.3 Controller
  • ƒƒAluminum bus bars with suitable capacity with incoming/ outgoing terminals
  • ƒIndicating lamps for ‘Load ON’ and ‘Set Running’
  • ƒƒInstrument fuses duly wired and ferruled
  • Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) of suitable rating with overload
    and short circuit protections

PowerCommand 3.3 features

The PowerCommand® control system is an integrated microprocessor-based generator set monitoring, metering and control system with LCD display designed to meet the demands of today’s engine driven generator sets

  • Intuitive operator interface which includes LED backlit LCD display with tactile feel soft-switches & generator set status LED lamps
  • Integrated digital electronic voltage regulator with configurable torque matching.
  • Digital Electronic Governing with temperature compensation and Smart Starting.
  • SAE J1939 Interface to Full Authority Electronic (FAE) engines.
  • Remote Start-Stop
  • Engine Metering: Oil pressure, High/Low coolant temperature, Low coolant level, Oil temperature, Intake manifold temperature, Battery voltage, Engine speed
  • AC Alternator Metering: L-L Voltage and L-N Voltage, Current (1 and 3 phase), kW, kVAR, Power factor, kVA (three phase and total), and Frequency.
  • Utility/AC bus Metering: L-L Voltage and L-N Voltage, Current (1 and 3 phase), kW, kVAR, Power factor, kVA (three phase and total), and Frequency.
  • Paralleling Control Functions: Digital frequency synchronization and voltage matching, Isochronous kW and kVAr load sharing controls, Droop kW and kVAr control, Sync check, Extended paralleling (Peak Shave/Base Load), Digital power transfer control (AMF), Load govern control, Load demand control
  • ƒƒData Logging: Genset model data, Engine hours, Control hours, Engine starts, Load profile, kWh and upto 32 recent fault codes
  • Engine Protection: Low lube oil pressure, High/Low coolant temperature, Over speed, Battery Over/Under/Weak Volts, Fail to crank/start, Cranking lockout, Low fuel level, Sensor failure.
  • AC Alternator Protection: AmpSentry protective relays for short circuit shutdown, Over/Under voltage, Over/Under frequency, Over current, Overload, Reverse power, Reverse VAr, Phase rotation and Loss of AC sensing.
  • Utility/AC bus protection: Over/Under voltage, Under frequency and Phase rotation
  • Paralleling protections
  • ƒƒ

  • Control Functions: Start-stop with configurable time delay, Real time clock for fault and event time stamping, Exerciser clock and time of day start/ stop, Configurable glow plug control, Configurable cycle cranking, Load shed/ dump as per configurable priority
  • 12 and 24 Volt DC Operation
  • Sleep Mode
  • Programmable I/Os (4 inputs and 4 outputs), expandable with AUX101/102 modules
  • Self-Configuring PCCNet network
  • Modbus Interface (RS485 RTU)
  • InPower Compatible (PC based service tool)
  • Certifications – meets the requirement of relevant UL, NFPA, ISO, IEC, Mil Std., CE and CSA standards


Hospital grade Silencer suitably optimised to meet stringent noise emission standards laid down by MoEF / CPCB

Mounting Arrangement

  • engine and alternator are mounted on a common MS fabricated base frame with AVM pads.


  • Engine: Coolant heater, Oil drain pump, Heat exchanger, No cool, Remote radiator
  • Alternator: PMG
  • Control Panel: Microprocessor / relay based AMF control panel, Battery charger, Auxiliary output relays and remote annunciators
  • Others: Trolley mounted mobile sets