Diesel Generators

15KVA to 25KVA Diesel Generators

Ready to use, silent, compact and light weight


The ready to use Cummins ® ‘DXP series’ DG sets are smaller and lighter than any other DG set in it’s class, thus giving you the advantage of optimising your valuable space.

Silent Power Generator / Environment Friendly Power

The Cummins ® ‘DXP series’ base DG sets are available with the lowest noise levels in it’s range and are CPCB certified for emissions compliance, thus offering you environment friendly power.

The genset powered by the reliable Cummins ® ‘X series’ diesel engine meets stringent exhaust emission tests as per MOEF norms without sacrificing fuel efficiency at normal operating loads.

Unmatched Warranty

The Cummins ® ‘DXP series’ DG sets are backed by the industry acknowledged best-in-class comprehensive warranty on the entire package including rubber components.

Lowest Operating Costs

All elements of the Cummins ® ‘DXP series’ DG sets are designed from the start to work together to maximize efficiency, even at part loads, thus offering you the advantage of lowest operating costs.

Single source power assurance

The rugged and reliable Cummins ® ‘DXP series’ DG sets are unique, because all the major components – the engine, alternator, control system and canopy are designed, manufactured and tested by Cummins India/ Channel partners (Powerica Limited). This, complemented by the largest customer support network in India, capable of providing round-the-clock service and spares support, offers you SINGLE SOURCE POWER ASSURANCE from the world leaders in power generation.

Standard scope:

Engine: Cummins® ‘DXP series’ diesel generating sets, powered by Cummins® ‘X series’ engines, are rated at 1500 RPM and conform to ISO 8528 specifications. The engines are radiator cooled, four stroke and multi-cylinder, conforming to BS 5514 / ISO 3046.

The scope of supply includes:

  • Electrical starter motor 12V DC
  • Battery charging alternator
  • MICO fuel system with mechanical governor
  • Dual spin-on fuel filter
  • Spin-on full flow lub oil filter
  • Residential silencer
  • Dry type air cleaner
  • Recovery bottle
  • Shut-off coil with safeties for LLOP/HWT
  • Flywheel and flywheel housing
  • First fill of lube oil and coolant


Stamford alternator from Cummins Generator Technologies, suitable for operation at 1500 RPM, 415 Volts, 0.8 pf (lag) suitable for 50 Hz, 3 phase, 4 wire system, conforming to BS 5000 / IS 4722. The Alternator is brushless type, screen protected, revolving field, self excited, self regulated through an AVR. The alternator has the following features:

  • + 1.0 % Voltage regulation (max.) in static conditions
  • IP: 23 Enclosure
  • Permissible overload of 10% for one hour in 12 hours of operation

Mounting arrangement

Engine and alternator are mounted on a common MS fabricated base frame with AVM pads.

Control panel

The control panel is manufactured with 14/16 gauge CRCA sheet and is powder coated for a weather-proof, long lasting finish.

The control panel consists of following parts:

  • Standard engine instrumentation
  • Multi function meter which measures::
    • Individual phase current (Amps)
    • Phase voltages (V)
    • Generator output frequency (Hz)
    • Engine water temperature (Deg.C)
    • Lube oil pressure (kg/cm2) and equipped with hour counterr
  • MCB of suitable rating
  • Key switch
  • Push button (Starter)
  • LED: Battery charging alternator fail indication
  • Current transformers
  • Instrument fuses duly wired and ferruled


  • Fuel tank suitable for 8 hours of operation
  • One dry and uncharged battery with battery leads
Diesel Generator Sets - Powerica Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Ready to use, silent DG sets with best in class fuel economy in India
Manufactured by: Powerica